Ideas to join in the fun

Want to do more? Help more?

Here are some ideas for you and your customers to get involved with the campaign. Connect with your community and help those impacted by cancer.

Proceeds of sales promotion

Are you able to contribute to cancer research with proceeds of sales? Why not create a charity burger promotion! Proceeds can go to ACRF and your customers will be full and know they’re doing good!

Social media burger fun

Connect with your local community and get the name of your venue out there. Create a unique burger using the pink buns, ask customers to take a photo and share them on social media. You can donate $1 for every product shared.

Get creative

By showing off your creativity you can share your support of the campaign and get people noticing your venue. Share a delicious invention and show people at home how they can create it themselves.

Virtual pink party

We know in some area’s customers can’t dine-in, so we want to let those who are staying home join in the fun. Encourage your customers to purchase a pink buns product and connect with their friends via a pink party online.

At home creations

Creating the mess is half the fun! Customers can create their very own Pink Buns creations at home. Encourage them to have some fun and get creative! Fairy bread, cheesy toasties or a classic bacon and egg roll are even more delicious when the buns are pink.

One day of support

We know it’s been a tough year for all, so we understand if joining in for the entire month seems overwhelming. Why not pick a day in October to support ACRF with proceeds of sales for one day supporting those impacted by cancer?