In Memory 

A place to honour those who have passed and create a Tribute Page that can gather donations and support breakthrough cancer research.

The team at Australian Cancer Research Foundation would like to share our condolences, we are so sorry for your loss and hope that by creating a tribute to your loved one we can provide you with a meaningful way to commemorate their life.

There are several ways you can commemorate someone who has passed:

  • Set up a new Tribute Page so family and friends can honour your loved one with a gift
  • Support an existing Tribute Page with a donation
  • Organise to collect donations in lieu of flowers at a funeral

Create a new
Tribute Page

Invite friends and family to leave a personal message, share photos or donate in memory of a loved one through a Tribute Page.

Contribute to an
existing Tribute Page

Leave messages of support, share memories  or donate to the existing Tribute Page of a loved one.

About Australian Cancer Research Foundation

At Australian Cancer Research Foundation, we know that only brilliant ideas can tackle something as big as cancer. That is why we give scientists the technology, equipment and infrastructure they need for pioneering research.

By funding research that seeks to progress and transform the way we prevent, detect and treat ALL cancers, we are committed to our vision of one day reaching a world without cancer.

Arranging memorial giving at a funeral

Families can choose to honour their loved ones by asking for donations or gifts to be contributed in lieu of flowers at a funeral. It's an impactful way to ensure your loved one's legacy has a lasting impact.

If you would like to collect donations at a service, ACRF can support your needs by providing envelopes, ribbons and further information. For help with these arrangements, please get in touch with ACRF.

Impact of a tribute

The world’s first cancer vaccine.

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An ACRF grant was awarded as initial seed funding for the development of a vaccine to prevent cervical cancer. The vaccine protects against nine HPV types which are the cause of around 90% of cervical cancers in women. A project led by Professor lan Frazer in 1999 set out on a moon-shot mission to eradicate cervical cancer caused by Human papillomavirus (HPV). Now decades on, and thanks to a national immunisation program, Australia is set to be the first country to effectively eliminate the disease.

Realising the full potential of immunotherapy in eradicating cancer.

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A 2020 ACRF grant awardee, the ACRF Centre for Intravital Imaging of Niches for Cancer Immune Therapy will implement radical, new technologies to investigate and manipulate cancer immune cell interactions. By exploring why immunotherapies see impressive results in some patients while others do not respond, scientists will be able to develop new therapeutic approaches that stimulate an immune response, helping to eradicate cancer cells in patients.

Working towards a world with zero deaths from childhood cancer.

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Since 2014, ACRF has been a proud supporter of a world-leading precision medicine program for children with high-risk cancers - The Zero Childhood Cancer Program (ZERO). Based on the premise that every child's cancer is unique, the program aims to provide personalised treatment for each child - giving them the best possible chance of survival.

In 2019 ACRF provided subsequent funding to the program which was used to establish The ACRF Child Cancer Biopsy Program. This initiative is focused on both survival as well as quality of life including reducing the trauma associated with invasive monitoring procedures.

The impact of the program to date has been nothing short of remarkable - there are children alive today who would have died without ZERO.