About ACRF

Our mission is to outsmart cancer by providing world-class scientists with the equipment they need to improve prevention, diagnosis and treatment of all types of cancer.

At Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) we believe a world without cancer is possible. Guided by some of the brightest minds in cancer research we continuously look for new and improved ways to prevent, detect and treat cancer. We back bold ideas, ideas that lead to breakthroughs and discoveries that help each individual diagnosed with this complex and disruptive disease.

On advice of our Medical Research Advisory Committee – made up of world-renowned researchers – ACRF provides grants that fund the technology, equipment and infrastructure researchers need. Grants of between $1 million and $10 million are awarded annually.


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We’ve been very privileged to back some of the most visionary projects across Australia to date

Professor Ian Frazer’s research into the cervical cancer (HPV) vaccine. Thanks to a universal immunisation program, Australia is set to be the first country to effectively eliminate the disease.

A personalised cancer program providing tangible hope for children diagnosed with the highest risk cancers.

The development of a new innovative cancer treatment that melts away certain advanced forms of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia.