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Run Regardless

I'm running regardless

Today the 2021 SMH 1/2 Marathon was cancelled but I am going to run the distance on Sunday around my regular routes.  I will attempt to run at race pace even though there will not be the inspiration of 30,000 other runners around me.  ACRF will transfer the funds from the old page to here and this is now the fundraiser page!  I will post my results as a screen shot of my running app here for you my generous funders to see how I went.  You have donated to my campaign so it's only right that I now do the run!!! 

Wish me luck and most of all,

Thank you for your support

Here's a breakdown of the funds that were sent to the SMH 1/2 Marathon page and then transferred to here:
Catherine $21.50
Andrew $5.50
Ioulia & Stephen  $52.50
Robyn  $52.50
Nicola $52.50
Greg $52.50
Cath  $52.50
Clayton $52.50
Amanda $21.50
Andrew  $78.75
Mere $21.50

Thank you all and those noted on this site.  It's very generous and I'm chuffed that you all support the cause I have chosen to run for.

25th June '21

Hi Everyone
It was tough but I got to the end!  Dodging dogs and kids on bikes and the throngs of people out there walking  &  running today.  Even though I followed all the training protocols, I'm not so sure the taper week was my friend this year.  After running 23km (longest distance ever) last weekend I ran a "blistering" 16km last Monday but things got harder all week.  Other stuff missing from a solo run are the inspiration of 1000s of other runners and the pace people who run with flags showing you the average total time they are running so if you stay with them you know how long it will take.  Not to mention the carnival comeraderie of it all.  Anyway rather than cutting any time from my 2019 races I added on 46mins to those times!!!  But it was important to do the run and honour the faith you all placed in me by donating to ACRF.  Together we have made a little difference and in our small way contributed to the science and the ongoing research that has now saved the lives of 2 of my nearest and dearest.  That's huge!  So well done us!!!!!!  Here's a dodgy video and the maps & satellite plotting of my route today.  The circles are spots where I stopped to let my heart rate drop or simply to give my killing joints a rub!!!!

It won't let me upload more than one image and no vid so will put the video on my FB page.

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