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I have signed up, and added my first 'kicker' donation of $88 (lucky 8's)... :) 

...Plus the additional $3.52 to cover fees etc, brings it to $91.52 haha...

I haven't run much since 2020, BUT, I will be running the 2021 CITY2SURF in my Lion Dance Costume! If the main event doesn't go ahead, then I'll still do it anyway by doing 2 laps of the Bay Run (as I was able to during the CITY2SURF VR event in 2020) :D

I'm running regardless

I am 32 years old and passionate about new challenges. In 2017, I took on the City2Surf running in a Lion Dance Costume and have done so every year since! In 2020, the event was cancelled but just like the researchers at ACRF, I did not stop. I put on my lion dance costume and ran 14kms around the Bay Run in Sydney's Inner West as part of the City2SurfVR. My participation every year is to honour the memory of my late Kung Fu Sifu (Grandmaster), Randy Sullivan Bennett, who passed away in early 2017 from mantle cell lymphoma.

Randy was an enthusiastic martial arts teacher, a mentor, and my friend. Although I only knew him for four years, he made a huge impact on my life, my outlook, and of course my Kung Fu training. Towards the end of 2016, I successfully achieved the level of black belt, with Randy pushing me hard and overseeing my gradings and sparring sessions. I was presented my Black Belt (on my birthday) in December 2016, and I made a promise to keep on training and make my Sifu proud!

The greatest appeal of doing a fundraising activity is to be able to help people and improve things. The City2Surf is a big event, and it is a good opportunity for me to raise as much money as possible for cancer research and ACRF, and I am committed to going the distance even if the event doesn't go ahead. It’s also where I can show respect to Randy in a meaningful way.

Sadly, cancer affects so many people with seemingly no regard to health, happiness or diet. Even Randy was not immune: he was a vegetarian, incredibly fit, good-humoured and with a positive view on life. Cancer makes me feel like there is so much we don’t know about the world and so much we can’t control, even with our own bodies. I believe that continued research is the only way forward in achieving an end to cancer, which is why I chose to raise funds for ACRF.

We can all help out with encouraging more funding for cancer research and increasing awareness of how that research is resulting in more successful treatments. Ultimately, we all want to see cancer completely eliminated!

Please join me and Run Regardless in 2021.

Help by donating today. Your donation will help save lives.

Thank you for your support.

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Get it Will!


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You're a good egg Mr Bond


William Bond


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It couldn’t be simpler. You’ve got the academic who survived the Stalinist purges and is now having flashbacks to that time. There’s his daughter whose long bitter marriage is falling apart around her and the journalist who’s investigating the academic because he suspects he was never in Russia at the time and then he falls obsessively in love with the daughter and sacrifices his career to become a lense grinder in Omsk.


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Hi Will, have a fun time on the run and thank you for keeping Sifu Randy Bennett's memory alive.


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Good luck!



Great effort Will!